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The real estate development industry has a long-standing history of doing business “the old-fashioned way”. May Riegler hopes to change that mantra by applying today’s modern business culture, technology, innovation, and excitement to real estate products and services. Our reputation is everything - we will always stand behind both our promises and our work product. At the end of the day, we certainly strive to turn a healthy profit, but also realize that our work can have a greater impact that will endure generations. Our projects will be developed sustainably, add value to the surrounding community, excite end users, and serve as a wise investment for all involved.

We look at all deals independently and are always seeking new opportunities. This includes acquisition of existing assets, land, and the adaptive reuse of existing structures. Our focus revolves around developing high quality properties in urban locations. We are passionate about developing places, implementing exciting visions, and creating value for our partners. We have a wide variety of projects that fit different risk profiles, return metrics, and time horizons – as such, we welcome any interest in becoming an equity investor, lender, or joint-venture partner. Please contact us if you would like to discuss working together.