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Sure, we're real estate developers. We're also placemakers. We're dedicated to connecting lifestyle, culture and community, through residential and mixed-use properties aimed at creating remarkable experiences for residents and investors alike. May Riegler properties are more than high-end features and finishes, more than award-winning architectural accomplishments, more than sustainably-designed and executed urban infill projects. Our buildings represent our mission to change the way people interact, with themselves and each other. 

Whether we are managing one of our own properties, or collaborating to support another project, the May Riegler team is highly tuned to the needs of both residential and commercial tenants. We deliver at the highest concierge level, top to bottom, ensuring loyalty, lease renewal and investor returns. Our seasoned team is fully versed in the holistic management of everything from large structural updates to technical platform integrations, common space activation to fielding resident and tenant requests, and so much more.

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